Monday, June 11, 2012

Lisa & Clayton's Wedding Bunting

Nothing more beautiful than wedding bunting..... especially when it is made from hessian and crocheted lace trimmings. I recently made a "mr and mrs" bunting for a lovely client Lisa Delport who so kindly sent me the most beautiful thank you with stunning images from her wedding. The decor so clean and simple but chic and elegant is proof how the rustic and rough textures of hessian can combine so softly with white and simple decor. Bunting is a lovely addition to the main table (with or with out words stamped on it). Other places bunting works well is on your "sweets" table, cake table, behind the main table and of course outside where your guests gather while the couple gets photographed.

thank you for my THANK YOU.... stunning...

Lisa & Clayton

A stunning bridal party....

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Visit us at the market this Saturday... don't forget to do your fathers day shopping for Sunday, 17 June. 

Such yummy ideas for men at two of my favourite stalls  :
Celebrate Africa and our beautiful country with a Beleave t-shirt.
Add some biltong, cheese, crackers, wine {or even a beer} with your board of choice for a stunning gift idea.

Don't forget to pop back to Little Mud Hut Designs for a FATHERS DAY GIFT TAG....

Fathers day gift tags available in brown and black.  Fill a bag with yummy treats. Above all available at NIKKI'S - The Gift Shop in Durban North