Saturday, August 20, 2011

I LOVE love LOVE Talloula

TALLOULA is one seriously professional outfit that does THE most amazing functions and weddings and Glynnis (co-owner) is one of the most talented ladies I have ever met. Little Mud Hut was aked to make pegs for their stand at the 2011 Tala Bridal Fair.... and look what Glynnis did with them. These attracted alot of attention as did Talloula's GOLD AWARD winning stand...... just beautiful. Well done ladies and thank you for being a fan of my Little Hut. To see more of Talloula's stand click HERE to link to their facebook page. And don't forget to LIKE their page to stay in touch with these talented girls.

IF you are getting married soon you want to attend this workshop by Talloula...... DON'T MISS THIS ladies. Having attended two of Talloula's CREATIVE LIVING WORKSHOPS, I know you will LOVE this event and benefit hugely from these ladies' amazing ideas, tips and talents.

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  1. So awesome, happy you got to be part of her stand Vee...