Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Successful Open Days

November brings the excitement of Open Days and Little Mud Hut was lucky enough to be part of two in the last two weeks. Both proved to be very successful and definately worth all the hard work preparing stock for these. The first event was Little Mud Hut's debut and just a few hours after opening, stock was already running low, with pegs and magnets selling out fast. WOW.... any crafters heart sings after being received so well, so my heart was definately a happy one after the Georgina O'Connell open days in Kloof. Thank you for having us...
Yummy bunting edged marquee filled with such goodness.
   Our second event we attended, illana lloyd's Open Day held in Cowies Hill. Unfortunately don't have any photographs but this event too was filled with loads of gorgeous goodies. Thank you to illana for having Little Mud Hut and helping to share my little hut with the Cowies Hill ladies.

Successful days like these makes my fingers itch with the many more ideas I have living in my head. Now if only the days were 40 hours long I could be crafting up a storm.

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