Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Building our Booth: Day 1

Yesterday afternoon saw all the months of sketching, planning, designing and sweating finally come together when we started to build our booth for the ECR House & Garden Show 2011 starting this Friday. Taking something from your head and trying to lay it out into an empty six square metres is nooooo easy feat. But very glad to say that the results have left with me with the happiest little mud hut heart indeed and all the sleepless nights were well worth it.
In true HOMEGROWN FAIR style, the very talented and now totally exhausted Terry Angelos has done the hall in the most delicious coloured paper pom poms strung from the ceiling..... my picture doesn't give them the true glory they deserve......

My hubby Craig survived all my nagging, altering, chopping and changing. He has been wonderful and with the help of Theo who works for him, they have done an incredible job building my vision. Poor Theo had no idea what this crazy white lady was upto. What on earth had we built shelves from reclaimed wood for that are unfinished and rough... why we laid out pieces of furniture in the garden (thats me trying to visualize the space)... you could totally read his mind as he looked on in confusion. Once we had put it all together he was in awe..... so happy and excited (the eish's were rolling out, lol). I gave him two of my complimentary tickets. Can you believe that he has NEVER seen anything like this show before. I am so happy that he can experience a little of what this crazy white chick has been upto for the past few months.

Cannot tell you how happy I am with my neighbours..... on my left is THE most beautiful ceramics made by RAYNE CERAMICS..... we have been neighbours at I heart Market too, so nice to have familar faces taking on this adventure alongside me. Rayne's booth looks amazing and definately will TOTALLY worth your visit.... lovely that our booths compliment eachother so nicely too.

Looking rather bare, but I am so happy with the naked result... hope the stock stashing and laying out goes as well as this went together....

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  1. Nice to see DH giving a helping hand, and I am sure The gave you some more Eish's after he got those 2 comp tickets cool!!!