Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stocking my Booth: Day 2

It is ready to roll... well nearly.... still a little bit of tweaking, waiting for my magnets to arrive (sweat sweat), and adding a few signs (that i still need to create.... oof the never ending list.... ooo ooo must ADD TO LIST: charge my big camera batteries to take better pics on Friday). But to say I am one tired, exhausted, drained but "VERY PLEASED with the end result chick" is a total understatement. Words cannot express the weight lifted once you have got yourself to this stage. The behind the scenes work is still flat out, but that "I'm Ready to open for business" feeling is a good one for sure ....


  1. Looking good Vee, loving it all, will pop in for a visit for go girl!!!

  2. Well done V, your stand looks great and all that hard work has been worth it. Hope you have a great show, Jude and I will see you on Monday!

  3. I was very lucky to be able to attend the Show and see this Booth "for real" .... it was gorgeous!!! And I managed to get two very dear girlfriends a gift from the Booth while I was there - BONUS!!! Of course, if you let me loose, I would buy ONE OF EVERYTHING that Vee has - WOWSERS!!! Especially love her bunting - oh, and the new wire hearts are delicious - oh, and did I mention the BUNTING ... tee hee ... a delight for the eyes indeed ... Well done, Vee - very proud of you ... Love, T oxoxox