Tuesday, June 14, 2011

House and Garden Show 2011

The last few months I have been hard at work planning, making, stressing, designing, exciting, exploring, crafting, stitching, painting, stamping, stressing, polka-dotting, pegging, sourcing, bunting, did i mention stressing......... and this is all thanks to this:

Little Mud Hut is extremely excited to have been invited to have a stall in the much acclaimed HOMEGROWN hall of the annual House and Garden Show.... probably the biggest show in Durban of it's kind..... So how do you prepare stock when you are given volumes of some 90 000 people moving through the doors of the show over the 10 days the event is on. Your guess is as good as mine.

I have bashed around ideas for my stall, googled and oogled..... chopped and changed and thrilled to finally have designed the stall..... it is in my head..... now in some bits of furniture too - thanks to my hubbies handy work (even though he is no workworker at all). And time, oh precious precious time is running out quickly.

I have had a great time exploring new color combinations and ideas for the pegs and very excited to get them together and packaged sooooon. Magnets are in the process of seeing a change and holding thumbs as I sit here typing that they will be ready in time...... oh the joys of stress (keeps the hairdressers busy though washing away all those greys). New (and very few I'm afraid to admit.....) but very excited to share my new peg boards (if you can call them that - add to list.... naming of peg boards thingies)...

Wish I could more diligent about blogging...... must must must....

Hoping to meet many new customers and cannot wait for the awesome crafty atmosphere of the Homegrown Hall at this years House and Garden show.


  1. hello! Just wondering when I can pick up my wedding bunting? So excited!!

  2. You will do awesome Miss Vee...will pop in to visit ♥